November 3, 2020 Elections

In Florida we do not have one Election Day, but we do have an Election Season. Election Season has begun! Vote-by-mail is underwaymore than 5 million vote-by-mail ballots have been requested this year, potentially putting Florida on pace to nearly double the number of voters to cast their ballots by mail this year. 


First you must be Registered to Vote in Florida by next Monday October 5(Fs.97.055) 

You can Register to Vote on line at https://registertovoteflorida.gov/eligibilityreactive or by contacting your county Supervisor of Elections.

People who are registered to Vote in Florida may make changes to a voter’s name, address, and signature (Fs.98.077 and 101.454) and party affiliation for the General Election (Fs.97.1031) on line at https://registertovoteflorida.gov/eligibilityreactive or by contacting your county Supervisor of Elections.

  • Have you changed your Address?  
  • Have you changed your name by marriage or divorce? 
  • Has your signature changed?  If voting my mail, your signature on your ballot envelope MUST match the signature on file at the elections office.  Be sure to check it before you vote!

Attached is an explanation of the 3 ways to Vote in Florida. You may copy this Election Season document and distribute it.  This document will be updated again next week after the Voter Registration Books have closed for any New voters to register for the November General Election. (97.055) 

August 18 and November 3 Election Polling Location Changes

Due to the condition of our parks building, residents who have previously voted at the Parks and Recreation Center will now vote at the First Baptist Church at 423 Tequesta Drive.
Not sure where you are designated to vote? Use the Election's Office Precinct Finder to find your polling location: https://www.pbcelections.org/Voters/Precinct-Finder.
If you have questions about the upcoming elections, please contact the Palm Beach County Election's Office at 561-656-6200.

​Municipal Election

The next municipal election will be March 9, 2021.  The Qualifying Period for the 2021 election begins at 
Noon on Tuesday, December 1, 2020 and continues through Noon on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. 

The seats that will be open for election will be:  
Seat 2 - Abby Brennan
Seat 4 - Kyle Stone
Call or Email_1X1
Call or email the Village Clerk's Office to schedule a time to review the "Candidate Handbook" prior to the qualifying period. 

Council Members and Terms

Council Member Seat Term
Council Member Frank D'Ambra Seat 1 March 2020-March 2022
*Mayor Abby Brennan Seat 2 March 2019-March 2021
Council Member Laurie Brandon Seat 3 March 2018-March 2022
*Vice-Mayor Kyle Stone Seat 4 March 2019-March 2021
Council Member Bruce Prince Seat 5 March 2020-March 2022
* All five members are elected by the residents of Tequesta to serve as Council Members.  Each year during the Council Reorganization meeting, Council elects a member of the Council to serve as the Mayor and a member to serve as the Vice-Mayor for the period of one year.