Water Utilities


When customers of Tequesta’s Water Utilities Department pay their bills, they are funding the operation. Known as an “Enterprise Department,” the water system pays for itself through the fees charged for water … no property tax revenues are used.

“It’s a self-sustaining operation,” explained Village Manager Michael Couzzo Jr., who also is the utilities director.

The department’s Fiscal Year budget is maintained separately from the Village’s General Fund.

“We try to run this as economically and efficiently as possible,” said Couzzo, who has held the dual titles for several years – which saves the Village money.

“We’ve made significant upgrades to the system in recent years and expanded our service, as desired by Village Council, to new areas to help defray our costs.”

The department, says Couzzo, is quite healthy. “This utility is very strong and very viable.”

Mission Statement

  • Provide responsive, courteous and quality service in order to achieve customer satisfaction and improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Village of Tequesta and its other customers.
  • Develop a long-range strategic plan to meet future infrastructure and utility service needs for community growth, development and expansion.
  • Enhance public awareness of environmental surroundings.

Prize-Winning Water

Tequesta’s Water Treatment Facility has been honored in recent years by regional, state and national organizations for the first-rate quality of the operation.
  • Region VI, Class B Best Operated Plant, 2002 and 2003.
  • American Water Works Assn., Florida Section, Outstanding Class B Water Treatment Plant, 2003.
  • Southeast Desalting Association Membrane Plant Award Outstanding Class B Water Treatment Plant, 2004.