Historic Committee

The Village Council established the Historic Preservation Committee on May 8, 2008 to to provide for the recognition and promotion of historic artifacts and sites through educational and cultural events; and to enhance the cultural significance of the Village's historical objects. The Committee meets as necessary. Click here for Resolution.


  • Vacant, Chair
  • Dottie Campbell, Vice-Chair
  • Kathy Greene
  • Pauline Hutchinson
  • Bob Jacks

“Be a Part of Tequesta’s History” and assist us in gathering items for the displays. Should you have copies or preferably original memorabilia that can be maintained for historical purposes by the Village please contact Betty Laur at 561-768-0445. Should you have items of interest but would prefer not to donate them, we can copy and return them to you immediately. Additionally, if you would like to provide an audio interview of your experiences as a Tequesta resident, the Clerk's Office would be happy to schedule a time to record your memoirs.

Alice Klimas and Burt Reynolds
In Memoriam of Alice Klimas
Charter Member of the Village's Historic Committee
At age 75, Alice passed away on December 26, 2010