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Water Flushing Notice

On September 8, 2014 the Village of Tequesta Utilities Department will begin flushing of water mains and fire hydrants within our Water Distribution System.  Also, in conjunction with this program, we will be changing our disinfection process by using “free chlorine” (chlorine without the addition of ammonia) September 2, 2014 to October 6, 2014.

This program provides us assurance that the water quality and integrity of our Distribution System are maintained.  System flushing is one of the basic tools for maintaining a good water distribution system and ensuring reliable fire hydrants.  The following benefits are derived from this program:

  • Testing and operation of all fire hydrants
  • Removal of sediment and other particulate matter
  • Provides a period of stronger disinfection
  • Additional disinfection of entire piping network, decreasing the chance of bio-film growths

During this 35-day period, customers may experience an increase in chlorine taste or odor.  Users of home kidney dialysis machines, restaurants with fish and shellfish holding tanks, and owners of tropical fish aquariums are advised that testing and removing chloramines residuals differ from those used for free chlorine.  Either residual may cause adverse effects to users of home kidney dialysis machines if not removed properly, and may be harmful to fish and aquatic animals if not treated properly.  If you are affected by this change, we urge you to seek advice from professionals at dialysis centers and pet stores.


This change will not affect water quality to our customers, and this program is approved by the regulatory agencies.


If you need further information on this temporary change in the water treatment process, please call our offices at:


Tequesta Customer Service – 561-768-0421


Tequesta Water Plant – 561-768-0490

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