Legislative Priorities

Statute of Justice

During the October 24, 2019 Legislative Priorities Workshop, Council discussed the numerous legislative issues that would affect the Village of Tequesta and residents's quality of life.  On November 14, 2019, Council will formally adopt its Legislative Priorities platform as proposed below.  The Village Council is interested in your feedback on its proposed Legislative Agenda.  For additional information, please contact the Village Manager's Office at 561-768-0465.

 Village of Tequesta 2020 Legislative Priorities

Council intends to support these five Florida League of Cities Legislative Priorities 

1.  Home Rule = Local Control
2.  Sales Tax Fairness
3.  Short-Term Rentals
4.  Transportation Funding
5.  Water Resources


Other Issues of importance the Village Council intends to support:

  • Rail Safety
  • Annexation
  • Communications Service Tax and Local Business Tax Protection
  • Right of Way Protection
  • Cybersecurity