Tequesta Drive/Country Club Drive Water Main Replacement

The Tequesta Drive & Country Club Drive Water Main Replacement Project will replace 1950’s & 1960’s era water mains serving customers in the vicinity of Tequesta Drive & Country Club Drive. These 60 & 70-year old pipes have served the community well and are now at the end of their service life. The new piping has a service life of 50+ years and will help to ensure you continue to receive the safe, reliable and great tasting water you’ve come to expect.

Budget: $1,751,000

Funding Source: Water Enterprise Fund

Start Date: December 2020

Projected Finish Date:  May 2022

Project Contact:  David Tinoco 561-768-0484  dtinoco@tequesta.org

Current Status:  

30% level design drawings were submitted in February by Holtz Consulting Engineers. They are on schedule to submit 60% level design drawings this month. (Updated 4/13/21)

Tequesta Drive Project Figure

Country Club Drive Project Figure