FY21 Stormwater Improvements

The FY21 Stormwater Improvements will line 44 segments of failed stormwater piping throughout the Village using the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method. CIPP is a trenchless lining method used to repair existing pipes with minimal disruption to the surrounding community. Each of these segments are located in high-risk areas underneath roadways, sidewalks and through private property. The new pipe using the CIPP method will extend the life of the existing stormwater pipe helping to ensure flood protection for years to come.  Listen to Mayor D'Ambra and Utilities Director Matt Hammond discuss the projects.  

Budget: $536,000

Funding Source: Stormwater Enterprise Fund

Start Date: April 2021

Projected Finish Date:  July 2021

Project Contact:  David Tinoco 561-768-0484  or via email

Current Status:  The project was awarded to the Hinterland Group at the April 8, 2021 Regular Council Meeting. Work is anticipated to begin the week of April 19th.  (Updated 4/13/21)

Project Locations


Notification of Stormwater Swale Restoration Project

 Dear Valued Customer:

 This letter is to inform you that starting on April 22, 2021, Inland Grading will begin the swale restoration project at the intersection of Beacon Street and Maple Avenue. 

 What will the work entail?

Prior to 2021, it was determined the need to improve the drainage at the intersection of Beacon Street and Maple Avenue due to localized ponding during rain events. To improve the function of the stormwater system, the existing swale will be regraded and converted to a Bioswale.

 What is a Bioswale?

Bioswales are channels designed to concentrate and convey stormwater runoff while removing debris and pollution. Bioswales can also be beneficial in recharging groundwater and protecting surface waters by decreasing stormwater runoff and reducing non-point pollution by filtering stormwater.

 Where can I go for more information?

For more information and updates related to this project please contact us at (561) 768-0484 or dtinoco@tequesta.org.

The Utilities Department is proud to provide you with reliable, hig h-quality service. We recognize that projects of this nature can be inconvenient for customers and we will be working      diligently throughout the project to minimize inconveniences.


Utilities Department