Tree_adopt a tree_transparent without logoTrees are an important asset to the Village of Tequesta and our residents. For years, Tequesta has been planting trees with the intent of cooling our streets, cleansing the air, and to beautify our Village.  Through the Adopt-a-Tree Program, the Village is able to form a partnership with concerned homeowners to improve our village streets.

Tequesta, through the Adopt-A-Tree Program, will provide and plant a variety of trees for homeowners in the swale area (the grassy strip between the pavement and the sidewalk) adjacent to their property. Prior to tree planting an onsite inspection is required by the Village to determine the appropriate tree(s) species for the Right of Way (ROW) area in accordance with Right Tree Right Place principles. The homeowner must then care for the trees after the Village completes the planting. Adopting a tree is a big commitment and should be taken seriously.

Homeowner's Commitment

To participate in the Village of Tequesta Adopt-A-Tree Program, you must accept the following:

  • All trees provided shall be installed only with the ROW (the area between the sidewalk or property line and the street). 
  • To water and maintain the installed trees to ensure survival.
  • Ensure that the tree planting will not affect utilities, cables and pipes by contacting Sunshine 811 prior to planting to identify any potential underground conflicts.
  • Discontinue any parking on the swale in the vicinity of the new tree(s).
  • Remove all straps and bracing 1-year from the install date of the tree(s).

The Village's Commitment

As part of the Adopt-a-Tree Program , the Village of Tequesta will provide you with:

  • Tree species that will best suit the homeowner's swale and community. The homeowner with be given a choice of trees that match the other trees in the neighborhood, are either Florida Friendly or Florida Native and will also grow within the confines of the planting area.
  • Tree(s) of good quality. Quality trees will live longer and cost less to maintain over their lifetime.
  • Installation of your tree(s). Initial tree delivery, installation, bracing and day of planting watering shall be provided. 
  • Care instructions will be given to homeowners. This will be a step-by-step tree care brochure that should provide all the information need for the first few years of care.

Please complete the adopt-a-tree application and email it or send via regular mail to the included address. Note that applications will be processed by order of date received.  APPLICATION

If you have any questions or would like to receive an application by mail or via email, please contact Greg Corbitt by phone at 561-768-0473 or email . Remember to provide your address and contact information in the voicemail and or email.