Donate to Tree Fund

Donate to the Tree Fund

Purpose:  The Tree Donation Policy provides a framework to guide the donation and placement of trees within the Village-owned property in the Village of Tequesta. 

The objectives of the Policy are to:Tree Fund_Donate

  • Inform the community about the Village’s process of receiving tree donations 
  • Provide for a tax-deductible contribution to the Village's tree canopy system
  • Support the community to actively participate in increasing the quantity and quality of the Village’s tree system with native species

Scope: The Policy applies to all Village Right-of-Way and Parks in the Village of Tequesta.

Financial Mechanism: Donations to the Village’s Tree Donation Program will be to fund a dedicated sinking fund for received community tree donations. Village staff will utilize this fund to purchase trees from a nursery for planting within the Village’s park system and Village-owned Right of Way. All donations to this fund may be considered tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Policy Description: The Tree Donation program provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to honor people, commemorate special events, or generally support the Village’s tree system by planting trees in Village Parks and/or appropriate areas within Village-owned Right of Way. A resident or business owner’s donation may be considered tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be used to purchase trees planted in the Village’s park system, street swale areas, or other public property. 

As part of this tree donation policy, markers or plaques are not allowed to be placed by the tree, however, the Village will host a presentation at the tree location with the donor at their request. Any donation to this fund is welcomed and appreciated.  For those who donate the cost of a whole tree, the Village will provide a certificate of recognition for the donation to the Tree Fund. 

The Village will accept tree donation requests year-round, however, trees will only be planted in the season that gives the trees the best chance to survive. Through communication between Village staff and the donor, an approved native species will be chosen. The donor may provide their preference for a park, right-of-way location, or other public property, which staff will consider, however that preference is not guaranteed. Deciduous trees will be at least two (2) inches in diameter (approximately ten (10) to twelve (12) feet tall) and evergreen trees will be five (5) to six (6) feet in height. The cost of an individual tree(s) will be based on current pricing from local nurseries, and may vary due to species, size, and time of purchase. A typical tree costs approximately $250.00. Donations are accepted via check made out to the Village of Tequesta (with Tree Fund written in the memo line).

Staff Contact: For more information about the Tree Donation Program and to coordinate a donation, please contact: Greg Corbitt, Leisure Services Director, (561) 768-0473 or email