Village Clerk / PIO

Mission Statement

To serve the citizens and government of the Village of Tequesta in a courteous, impartial manner, while upholding the laws of the Village, the State of Florida and the United States of America.

Our Motto

“Respond with Excellence and a Kind Heart.” – Kyle Stone


  • Maintains the official records
  • Prepares and coordinates the Council agendas and backup
  • Records and prepares the Council's official minutes
  • Manages Municipal Elections
  • Serves as Administration Public Information Officer
  • Notices public meetings. hearings and legal notices
  • Processes public record requests
  • Provides information services to the Council and the public
  • Maintains the Village Charter and Code of Ordinances
  • Oversees membership of the advisory boards
  • Administers the Village's website
  • Organizes Village special events
  • Notarizes, certifies and attests legal documents
  • Maintains the Village's official seal