November 26-December 18, 2022

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Win Prizes!!!

Make a minimum purchase of $10 at an incorporated Tequesta business to be eligible for prizes from local businesses.  Submit your receipts using the envelopes at the drop boxes outside of the following locations before 5:00 p.m. on 12/18/2022:

  •  Village Hall (345 Tequesta Drive) 
  • Parks and Recreation (399 Seabrook Road)
  • Email your receipt(s) to

Each receipt is worth 1 entry.  Be sure to seal your envelope before dropping it in the drop box.  Minimum purchase is $10. 

Receipts not accepted:  ATM receipts, receipts for medication that is fully covered by insurance,  receipts for less than $10, receipts for businesses outside of the incorporated Village of Tequesta or receipts where you have returned the items.  


  • Amy Angelo, Oceana Coffee, 561-768-7887
  • Tessa McKay, Recreation & Business Relation Coordinator, 561-768-0474

2022 Winners:

Congratulations to:

  • Augusta Schumacher
  • Carolyn Baynham
  • Karolina Swift
  • Leslie Judd
  • Tima Hansen