Public Records

Public Record Requests

The Village Clerk is the Village's custodian of records. All general requests (non-police) for records should be made through this office. We strive to provide quick service for all requests; however some requests are large and therefore requires extensive staff time to prepare. In these cases, a special service fee will be applied according to the Records Policy below. The Clerk's Office complies with the Government in the Sunshine laws which can be found in Florida Statute Chapter 119. 
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Table 1: Record Request Forms: General Request and Police Record Request
Clerk's Office (General Request - Anything not police) Police Department Record Request
General Record Request Form Police Record Request Form

Pay for a Public Record Request

To pay for a public record request after you have received an invoice, please have your credit card ready and contact our Finance Department:

  • Sonal Bhatt - 561-768-0428
  • Tatiana Racanati - 561-768-0427


The Village's Records Custodian is: 
Village Clerk Lori McWilliams, MMC

If the Village Clerk is not available, please direct public record requests to her designees: 
Mary Ann Grieser 

Kelley Bonneau


Lien Search

Beginning 5/1/20, all municipal lien searches and estoppel letter requests will be completed through Orange Lien Data, LLC (Orange Lien).  All lien search requests will be $120 per address and will be processed and responded to within a 24 business hour turnaround (M-F, excluding holidays).

To establish an account with Orange Lien Data, LLC, visit Orange Lien Data’s website to register your business. For your convenience, you may use one of the following methods to order lien searches. All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) will be accepted or you may pay by check payable to: Orange Lien Data, LLC.

The complete property address, name of the owner(s) and parcel ID numbers will be required for all searches of outstanding municipal liens, code enforcement liens and outstanding utility balances.

Orders placed via email will be returned via the established web portal unless otherwise requested.

Should you have any questions, feel free to call Orange Lien Data, LLC at 407-965-4245.