How to Become a Council Member

3How to Run for Office

To be eligible to run for office, you must be a resident of the incorporated Village of Tequesta and a registered voter of Palm Beach County.  When a resident decides to seek office, they should schedule an appointment with the Village Clerk to review the “Candidate Election Handbook.” During this meeting, a comprehensive explanation of the process is provided, required forms and election laws reviewed, and important dates and deadlines are discussed.  The Candidate Election Handbook will be available for review beginning Wednesday, September 1, 2022.  All candidates will need to set aside approximately one hour to review the handbook with the Clerk. 

Qualifying Period

The next annual qualifying period will begin at noon on November 1st through November 15th at noon. The next municipal election is March 14, 2023. Due to the Election Code, these dates and times are strictly enforced and are not flexible.

The following seats are scheduled for the March 2023 election:

  • Seat 2 –  Molly Young (incumbent)
  • Seat 4 –  Kyle Stone  (incumbent)

Form of Government

The Village of Tequesta utilizes the Council/Manager form of government and is subject only to the limitations imposed by the constitution and laws of the State of Florida and by the Village Charter. The job of the elective Council is to:

  1. Enact local legislation through ordinance
  2. Establish policy through resolution
  3. Adopt the village budget
  4. Appoint the village manager and attorney
  5. The village manager, in turn, executes the policies and laws set forth by Council and administers the day-to-day operations.
  6. Council does not give direction to staff


The Village Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. to conduct its regular business, holds a monthly workshop, and special meetings, as needed, to address specific issues relating to Village matters. These meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.


As of April 2021, Council’s annual salary is $7.949.40 with an annual 2% increase on April 1st of each year.


The Council consists of five (5) members who are elected at large to five Seats. Seats 1, 3 and 5 are elected in the even years with Seats 2 and 4 elected in the odd years. Council Members serve the residents of the Village for two-year terms and there are no term limits. Council Members must be registered voters and residents of the incorporated Village, and upon being elected to office must take and subscribe to the Oath of Office as outlined in the Village Charter and in State Statute.

Mayor and Vice-Mayor

Each year during the Reorganization Meeting following the annual election, the council appoints one of its members to serve as Mayor and another member to serve as Vice-Mayor. The Mayor and Vice-Mayor serve at the pleasure of the Council for one (1) year and/or until a successor shall be appointed and qualified. The Mayor presides at all meetings and executes all instruments to which the Village is a party, as approved by vote of the Village Council, unless otherwise provided hereby or by ordinance. Per the Charter, the Mayor has no administrative duties.

For additional election information, contact Lori McWilliams, MMC, the Village Clerk at 561-768-0443 or via email.