We will preserve and enhance the unique character, community spirit, small town values and superior quality of life for all
who reside, visit and work in the Village of Tequesta.


The Village of Tequesta's mission is to protect the health, safety and well-being of the community, provide exceptional,
fiscally sound and efficient customer service, uphold the public interest and advance the community vision.



We value excellence in all things. Professionalism, courtesy, accountability, and innovation drive our commitment to the
delivery of exceptional customer services.

Ethics and Transparency

We set high standards and are responsible for our personal, professional and organizational conduct and act with integrity.
We provide open access, encourage community involvement and promptly respond to requests for information.

Quality of Life

We value maintaining a safe, family-friendly and healthy environment to build our future and conduct business. We foster
recreation, public safety, youth activities and events that benefit the entire community.


We recognize that our diverse staff is invaluable and we provide a work environment that emphasizes teamwork, respect,
dignity and support. We attract the best recruits, retain top-level employees and invest in their professional growth.


Effective communication is vital to the success of our Village.  Effective communication through numerous outlets, ensures our stakeholders, are well-informed and engaged.  We strive to provide a robust communication plan that enhances transparency and credibility; leading to better overall performance. 


By embracing compassion as a core value, Tequesta fosters a sense of unity, empathy and purpose. We value promoting goodwill and creating a positive, nurturing and supportive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.