Community Vision and Master Plan



On November 10, 2022, Council approved the Final Commercial Corridor Master Plan.  

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In 2022, the Village of Tequesta has engaged the services of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council to obtain public input, conduct a public design charrette, analyze potential redevelopment strategies, and provide recommendations for maintaining the desired community scale and character of the Village of Tequesta.  

The geographic study area for the project was roughly bounded by the Palm Beach County-Martin County Line to the north, US-1 to the east, the Village limits to the south, the Old Dixie-FEC corridor to the west, and will focus primarily on the commercial areas of the Village. The Scope of Services will include the following:

  • Undertake due diligence research to assess land use, planning, and physical conditions throughout the Village;
  • Conduct a structured series of public input activities, including stakeholder interviews, meetings with property owners, and presentations to the Village Council;
  • Conduct a four-day, on-site public design charrette to solicit input from the public on a range of topics including the appropriate scale and aesthetic of future redevelopment, the Dixie Highway and US-1 Corridors and any other areas of improvement; and
  • Develop a Master Plan document that illustrates design concepts and redevelopment strategies discussed with the community as well as steps for implementing the desired vision for the Village of Tequesta.