The Village Council will host a Village Hall Resident meeting to answer questions regarding the two referendums below:

Wednesday, February 22 

6 PM 

Parks and Recreation Center



In August 2021, Council established a Charter Review Board (CRB) consisting of five residents who submitted applications of interest to serve.  The mission of the CRB was to review the Village’s Charter, as it had not been reviewed in over ten years, and make Charter Amendment recommendations to Council.  The CRB met numerous times over five months reviewing in microscopic detail every aspect and potential option to the items contained within the Village’s Charter.  

During the July 14, 2022 Council Meeting, Council approved the CRB’s recommended changes.  However, prior to these changes taking place, a Charter Referendum has to go before the Village electors for final approval.  

View the proposed Charter changes recommended as they will appear on the March 14, 2023 election ballot.  View the Ordinance.  


In November, Council approved putting a Bond Referendum forward to the voters during the March 2023 Municipal Election to finance acquisition of environmentally sensitive, waterfront, or recreation lands, or lands for open spaces, archeological or historic preservation, or traffic mitigation, and recreational capital improvements. 

View the Ordinance.  


Council Member Seat Term
Council Member Frank D'Ambra Seat 1 April 2022-April 2024
* Mayor Molly Young Seat 2 April 2023-April 2025
Council Member Laurie Brandon Seat 3 April 2022-April 2024
*Vice-Mayor Kyle Stone Seat 4 April 2021-April 2023
VACANT - (Council Member Aaron Johnson Resigned 12/15/22) Seat 5 April 2022-April 2024
Council Member Elect Patrick Painter (will replace Council Member Stone) Seat 4 April 2023 - April 2025
Council Member Elect Rick Sartory (will replace former Council Member Johnson) Seat 5 April 2023 - April 2024
* All five members are elected by the residents of Tequesta to serve as Council Members.  Each year during the Council Reorganization meeting, Council elects a member of the Council to serve as the Mayor and a member to serve as the Vice-Mayor for the period of one year.