March 2020 Election

The next municipal election is scheduled for March 17, 2020 and will be held in coordination with the Presidential Preference Primary.  

Qualifying Period


The qualifying period begins at Noon on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 and continues through Noon on Tuesday, December 17, 2019.  

Seats up for Election 

  • Seat 1 - current incumbent - Vince Arena 
  • Seat 3 - current incumbent - Laurie Brandon
  • Seat 5 - current incumbent - Kristi Johnson

Candidate Handbook

Call or email the Village Clerk's Office to schedule a time to review the Candidate Handbook prior to the qualifying period

Filed Candidates

Candidates who have turned in their "Appointment of Campaign Treasurer" form with the filing officer (Village Clerk), can access online fillable forms via the Candidate Handbook.  Please fill the forms in online, print and deliver to the filing officer (Village Clerk) by the designated deadlines (also found in the Candidate Handbook).  
Call or Email_1X1
Call or email the Village Clerk's Office to schedule a time to review the "Candidate Handbook" prior to the qualifying period. 

VOT Vote

Council Members and Terms

Council Member Seat Term
Council Member Vince Arena Seat 1 March 2018-March 2020
*Mayor Abby Brennan Seat 2 March 2019-March 2021
Council Member Laurie Brandon Seat 3 March 2018-March 2020
Council Member Kyle Stone Seat 4 March 2019-March 2021
*Vice-Mayor Kristi Johnson Seat 5 March 2018-March 2020
* All five members are elected by the residents of Tequesta to serve as Council Members.  Each year during the Council Reorganization meeting, Council elects a member of the Council to serve as the Mayor and a member to serve as the Vice-Mayor for the period of one year.