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 Committee Member Seat #
Tom Bradford, ChairSeat 2
Michelle ShearouseSeat 1
Jill WentaSeat 3
Brad FreeseSeat 4
Russ RedmanSeat 5
Clay DamonSeat 6
Jessica Namath, Vice-ChairSeat 7

Environmental Committee Issues and Events - Since Summer of 2019:

  • Operated an EAC table at VOT’s Food Truck Events in 2019 and 2020 (thru March) at Constitution Park promoting environmental issues, offering educational handouts and engaging children in interactive experiences and environmental-themed activities. 
  • Organized a presentation and public informational meeting by representatives from the Univ. of Florida’s - Florida Friendly Landscape Program on 1/21/20 in Village Council Chambers.
  • Provided recommendations and posed questions to VOT staff on various components of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.
  • Proposed a VOT Resolution to eliminate the use of Glyphosate (chemical in herbicides like Round-Up) on Village property – Village Council PASSED
  • Proposed a VOT Resolution expressing support for a FL Senate bill that would allow local laws prohibiting the use or sale of single‐use plastics. Village Council PASSED
  • Proposed VOT Ordinance Banning Release of Balloons and Sky Lanterns to prevent accidental fires and dangers to marine wildlife. Village Council PASSED
  • Revised the Fertilizer Management portion of the Landscaping Ordinance which would implement a Rainy Season (6/1 - 9/30) Fertilizer Ban and require all commercial applicators to be properly educated and licensed. Village Council PASSED
  • Proposed revisions to the Village's Pesticide management portion of the Landscaping Ordinance and presented to Village Council for consideration. Village Council and Manager agreed to inform residents of statewide pesticide regulations and to amend language in the Ordinance to mirror key portions of the State of Florida’s Structural Pest Control Act which address’ pesticide application to landscapes.
  • Reviewed and provided input on a draft design proposal for the Village’s Remembrance Park suggesting the utilization of Florida Friendly Landscaping preferred methodologies.
  • Provided information to VOT staff on FPL EVolution Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Infrastructure Pilot Program.
  • Proposed a VOT Ban of Plastic Straws Ordinance to Village Council
  • Researched the production of re-usable bags to be used by Village residents, paid for and sponsored by Village businesses.
  • Proposed extension of the Village's Tree Canopy along major roadways. Forwarded to Village Manager.
  • Researched grants and discussed implementation of solar & energy efficiencies in Village facilities.
  • Held a meeting with a Micro‐Transit company exploring feasibility of implementation in and around the Village of Tequesta.
  • Consulted with Village staff on storm drainage improvements to reduce environmental impact of water runoff.
  • Created environmental-themed articles, which were published in VOT’s Smoke Signals Newsletter.

Committee History

During the July 11, 2019 Council Meeting, Council approved Resolution 21-19 establishing the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) to help ensure the well being of all the areas natural and public resources, as well as the general well being of all residential and commercial landscaped and vegetation areas in the Village.   Council understands negative impacts on the Villages environment and its natural and public resources can come from sources from within and from outside of the Village and with proper education and regulation may be controlled or mitigated.  This committee is comprised of seven (7) members whom are residents of the Village of Tequesta.

The EAC meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 2:00 pm in the Council Chambers.