Safety First

With the additional Brightline trains coming through the Village, let's take a moment to remember the importance of rail safety. Whether you're a passenger, a driver, or a pedestrian, it's crucial to follow these safety rules around railroad tracks:

  • Stay Behind the Line: When waiting for a train, always stand behind the designated line on the platform. Safety zones exist for a reason!
  • Look, Listen, Live: Before crossing any railroad tracks, stop, look both ways, listen for approaching trains, and only proceed if it's safe.
  • No Trespassing: Railroad tracks and property are private. Never walk or play near the tracks, and only cross at designated crossings.
  • Be Patient: Trains can't stop quickly. Never try to outrun a train or beat it to a crossing. It's not worth the risk!
  • Stay Alert: Avoid distractions like phones and headphones when near railroad tracks. Being alert can save lives.

Brightline Resources:

FEC Resources:

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