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Frequently Asked Questions – ACH Debit Payments

What is an ACH Debit Transaction?
The ACH debit payment plan allows you to transfer funds by authorizing us (The Village of Tequesta) to electronically debit (withdraw funds from) your checking or savings bank account for the amount of your current monthly water utility bill.

How do I set up an ACH debit payment plan?
Complete and submit the ACH form. Village of Tequesta can mail you a form, you can pick up the form from City Hall, or you can download and print the form from the top of this page.

Is there a cost to use the ACH debit payment plan?

The Village of Tequesta will not charge you a fee for ACH debit payments, please check with your financial institution regarding any fees they may charge you for this service, for which you will be responsible.

Will there be a charge for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)?
ACH payments returned for insufficient funds will be automatically inactivated from the ach payment option and the account holder may not re-enroll for one year.

The following fees are charged for Non Sufficient Funds:

  • Checks under $50.00 - $20.00 service fee
  • Checks $50.00 - $300.00 - $30.00 service fee
  • Checks over $300.00 - $40.00 service fee
How can I stop making ACH debit payments?
Notify us in writing by at least thirty (30) days prior to a scheduled ACH transaction should you wish to stop ACH debit payments for your Water Utility bill.

How can I change the bank account from which ACH debit payments are withdrawn?

Submit a new Authorization Agreement to Village of Tequesta for ACH Debits at least (30) days prior to a scheduled ACH transaction should you wish to change the ACH debit payments to a different bank account on all future Water Utility bill payments.

For more information call our office @ (561) 768-0421

How to Sign Up

Instructions for Completing the Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits
The following information will enable you to fill out the agreement more accurately.

Please click here to download and print the ACH Signup Form

All sections must be completed in full
  • Customer name(s)
    Provide the name of customer(s) as it/they appear on your bank account.
  • Service Address
    Provide the water utility service address.
  • Mailing Address
    Provide the current mailing address.
  • Phone
    Provide customer’s phone number.
  • Customer Water Utility Account Number:
    Provide customer’s account number as specified on lower left side of billing card.
  • Bank/Depository Name, Address, City and State
    Provide the name, branch address, city and state of customer’s financial institution.
  • Bank Transit/Route/ABA Number
    The example of a voided check, shown below, indicates where to locate the routing number for customer’s bank (1).
  • Bank Account Number
    The example of a voided check, shown below, indicates where to locate customer’s bank account (2).
  • Attach a Voided Check
    A voided check must be attached to the completed agreement so that we may verify bank account and routing numbers.
Check Example