Business Highlights

The Village offers local incorporated Tequesta businesses the opportunity to submit an article highlighting their business to be published on the Village’s website, social media in the Smoke Signals newsletter and sent out via text and email to residents.


Businesses must submit via the Business Highlights Form, the following information:

  • Article – 250 word limit
  • Photo (jpg or png) of business (emailed to the Clerk's Office - address on Business Highlights Form)
  • Contact info to include:
    • Business name
    • Business phone
    • Business email
    • Business website
    • Business social media addresses

 Highlights will be published in the order received.  Incomplete submissions will be asked to amend their submittal and resend.  

Highlight Schedule:

Depending on the number of submittals the Village receives on a weekly basis, articles will run on social media and the website on Tuesday and Thursday and will go out in any weekly messages that are sent.  Note, this schedule is flexible and may change based on the Clerk's Office work schedule and number of submittals received.    

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Current Highlights

2023 Business Highlights

Logo - eyes of Tequesta

Alist Dance Company

Former Business Video Highlights

To view former video highlights of our businesses, visit our Video Highlights page.